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Follwr's DAILY DOUBLE #48
General 26 April 2016

Pathetic performance from both Napoli and Spurs last night. We have another #DailyDouble bet for tonight and we hope that this will be the w...

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Follwr's DAILY DOUBLE #47
General 25 April 2016

Many unpleasant surprises over the weekend and it was good to leave it be. We have a #DailyDouble bet for today and we are very confident wi...

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Follwr's DAILY DOUBLE #46
General 20 April 2016

Resting yesterday was a good call since Manchester City didn't manage to beat Newcastle United. Today, we have a safe WIN #DailyDouble from ...

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Manchester City v Real Madrid, SURE PROFIT BET!
News 26 April 2016

Champions League semifinal match between Manchester City and Real Madrid will give us an opportunity for another SURE PROFIT bet. Previousl...

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PSG v Manchester City, SURE PROFIT BET!
News 5 April 2016

It's the Champions League week and bet365 is giving the €50 FREE BET offer. The match is PSG v Manchester City. We opt to include 88...

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Manchester United v Liverpool, SURE PROFIT BET!
News 17 March 2016

Once again, Bet365 is giving a €50 FREE BET offer, this time for the Europa League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool. Home ...

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